VK Property management takes great care of our 16 unit condo building.We had a lot of problems with previous management company so we decided to change and hire VK for the job.They are professional and provide clear and easy access to building financials and documents.I highly recommend their services especially for smaller buildings since they are best value and quality you can find. 

Board President

 VK Property Management started managing our building a few months ago, and I already can see the difference. Communication is easy and any issues get resolved quickly. Katerina is responsive and attentive to all tenants needs. 


 Thank you VK Property Management for your great service and amazing hospitality. I can’t wait to do business with you again. You have shown nothing but honestly and respect for me and my family. This is why I recommend and encourage others to seek for her service. You will not be disappointed and I can attest to her quality services. If your looking for a property management that has care, passion and honesty please contact Katerina. 

Mr. Alejo

 VK Property Management has been managing our condominium in Ridgewood for nearly a year now, and it is the property management you want to have. Our PM Katerina is responsive, attentive and professional. Im glad we hired VK Property Management and would recommend them. 

Board President

 I've previously worked with Katerina for over 5 years, and she has not only shown a high degree of knowledge in supplying our condo with all financial materials but also showed a high degree of understanding in the affairs of running a real estate management business. In addition, she has a character and demeanor to take care of emergency situations as well as positive and caring manner so important when dealing with people. 

Sincerely, S.Y.
Building Owner
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